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Since our founding in 1880, TSTA/NEA has been deeply committed to the welfare of our schools and those who work in them. We have a deep seated belief in the value of a quality education.

If it’s just a job to you, then it doesn’t really matter which organization you join. But if it’s your career and your profession, then you need to be involved with the Beaumont Teachers Association, because we get things done! With TSTA/NEA you have:

• The most powerful education association in Texas and the nation.

• Over 68,000 Texans and 3.1 million Americans as your fellow members.

• A voice in your profession.

• Training and support for local member advocacy teams.

• Employment defense fund and liability insurance.

• Immediate access through our Help Center.

• In-house legal experts in education employment law.

• Network of attorneys across the state.

• Field staff across the state.

• Professional development/CPE credit.

• Leadership opportunities.

• Top-notch Member Benefits Program.

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