BTA Leadership

Meet (Some of) Your Elected Leadership

2016-03-16 19.30.07

Greg Sholl, President


As a 20 year member of the Beaumont Teachers Association, I know how important it is to belong to a strong association that is dedicated to representing and defending our members. Your BTA officers and directors are committed to seeking fair pay, benefits, and treatment with our 1,100 members.

Feel free to call me at 409-504-5038 if you have any questions or concerns.



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Sebrina Dollar, Vice President

With BTA, Your Voice Matters!

I’ve been a member of the Beaumont Teachers Association for the past 6 years. I got more involved because this organization has been at the forefront of speaking out against the issues in our district. We have a voice in our profession at the local, state, and national level and use it in support of our students and communities.





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Elizabeth Graff, Secretary


The Beaumont Teachers Association has helped to educate me on my rights and has made what could have been a very frightening and overwhelming time in my career less so. Being involved has given me the opportunity to pay it forward for this awesome group of people who are the educators I’m surrounded by. With my BTA colleagues, I am able to become not only a better educator of children, but an advocate for both the students I teach and the teachers I stand with.



2016-03-16 19.25.20

Glenda Baltutis, Executive Board


Thanks BTA!

I find the protective qualities of the Beaumont Teachers Association the deciding factor for my active membership and the reason I got involved in a leadership capacity. BTA has faithfully been there for me and my colleagues during my tenure as a teacher.

2016-04-27 22.19.18

Joyce Johnson,      Executive Board


Fighting Hard!

With BTA, my goal is to help educate ESP members about their rights. I believe that BTA has my back and fights hard for the little man. That’s why I’ve been a member for seven years and serve as a director on the board of the organization.






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